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The reason for my long exile was, well to be honest no topic lit my writing fire and I didn't want to force it with babbling rubbish.I went against that as I didn't want to insult your intelligence as you all don't need me to tell you that hard work and dedication can result in anything you want to achieve, you know that right? Anyway back to the topic at hand which has once again got my health & fitness brain ticking..... The reason I've decided to tackle this topic is due to the sheer volume of people I see in the gym on a daily basis, week to week, month to month, year to year doing the exact same routine and looking exactly the same.I choose not to repeat the same exact session with my clients more than twice, constantly tweaking and adding new stuff to further challenge my clients.An embedded live chat solution for your website and mobile platforms.They're in a dead rut & in need of a fitness intervention.Our body has been created perfectly to adapt to the stresses & vigour we put it under, the day after your first tough effective workout when the aching sets in is the very moment your body begins to adapt.Visual Poetry Your words are arranged into a shape of your choosing such as a heart, skull or star.Customize colors and styles.'Sketchpad' Collage Tools Anywhere in the app, click the 'magic wand' icon to add text and stickers on top of the your image.


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Simply start editing your account (or when creating a new account) and click your image shown in the top right corner, you should then browse to a new image that will be uploaded when saving your account.Within Chatstack (from v5.0) we display an account profile photo to your customers so that you can build trust with your customers.

Plus, unlock fun venues like a fashion studio, restaurant, and nightclub and customize their layouts.… continue reading »

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The wedding followed the Sinhala traditions and Madhawi was in a traditional Sri Lankan Osariya while the groom dressed up in traditional sinhalese national outfit. Madhavi, aged 22 years, is 12 years junior to Suwanna. Their home coming party held at lavinia breeze in Mount Lavinia. … continue reading »

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Not only does she offer her professional expertise, but also a strong personal connection to her work.… continue reading »

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Digi Chat software was created using Java, a popular programming language in the 90's.… continue reading »

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Those who selected from a large pool and had the ability to reverse their choice were the least satisfied with their selected partner after one week.… continue reading »

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