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Neither T Freddy, T Bonnie, even T Chica didn't had nail polish (Ironicly), so any attempts to justify Mangle as a dude is an automatic fail.

I recently got a bag of bud that had gotten pollinated, I think by a hermephrodite(? A friend told me today that if the seeds came from a hermie pollination that all my seeds will produce hermies of lesser quality.

Colors can reveal a lot about many of the things in our lives. A green one tells us it’s not yet ripe, while yellow signals that it’s ready to eat, and a brown or black colored banana means that it’s likely spoiled.

This is a very basic illustration of how colors bring out or show us information that we may not otherwise have any other easy way of discovering.

If all of this sounds very familiar, it’s because we are so used to these distinctions and exposed to them everywhere we turn.


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thats why fem beans are more prone to herming:) I have seen killer buds from bag seed.I would like to believe that it would not make a difference, but if I were to meet someone who was, it would take work on my part (being a product of my culture) not to allow engrained ideas to dictate my relationship. Artist Type: Digital Artist Registered since: Jul 9th, 2016 Current mood: hungry Artist Profile: ❤❤~ABOUT THE KIT~❤❤ Name: Reinbō Jordan Baipōra Age: 25 Gender: Hermephrodite Species: Nature Kitsune Sexual Orientation: Homoflexible/Polyromantic ❤❤~ABOUT THE ARTIST~❤❤ Name: Phoenix Allies: Phoe, Sketchy Age: 15 Gender: Gender Neutral Species: Human/Phoenix Hybrid Sexual Orientation: Panromantic, Asexual/ Polyromantic ❤❤~WHAT YOU WILL SEE ON HERE~❤❤ Fetishes (A-Z Order): Anthropophagy, Autoplushophilia, Emetophilia, Feederism, Klismaphilia, Macrophilia, Microphilia, Omorashi, Plushophilia, Vorarephilia Sexual Furry Art I Can't Post On Deviantart Commisions ✨✨✨----OTHER LINKS----✨✨✨ Deviantart Main: Tumblr: sketch-y-squiggles.tumblr.com/ Vore Tumblr: sketchyvorist.tumblr.com/ Youtube: Roz…That’s why men’s brand packaging is often black, navy blue, or gray compared to clean crisp whites and warm, feminine colors for women.


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The link between color and gender is quite strong indeed as the research and many studies on it over the years has shown.I've never found any male flowers in them, but everytime after harvesting and drying I've found say 5 seeds in 50 grams of weed.

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