Pentecostal and apostolic dating and marriage

28-Dec-2017 12:06

I refused and resisted at first, playing a game of cat and mouse with God. I was 36, and I was praying for people who were looking for… I was a Pentecostal pastor, who alongside another pastor and a visiting evangelist, was laying on hands and praying for people who were crowding around the platform (Pentecostals call it “the altar”) after a rousing sermon and invitation that covered pretty much any possible spiritual or felt need the people had. I am a Christian lay person who identifies with the historic Reformed stream of faith.The more I studied the Bible, theology, and Church history, I found myself unwilling to embrace the modern Pentecostal stream of Christianity, even though it was that stream that introduced me to Jesus way back in ’79.The Sydney diocese was known for its “Headship Theology”.

To keep this tolerably short, I’ll just tell you where I stand today, and offer no defense.

On Monday, a same-sex couple entered the county clerk’s office of Rowan County, Kentucky to ask for a marriage license.

Kim Davis, the local county clerk, refused, openly defying the recent U. Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide.

Tim was a popular worship leader and youth music director in his Anglican Church. Following our first meeting, he told all his friends that I was going to marry him, and I got the nickname “the wife”. I don’t remember our first meeting (apparently I prayed for global justice).

But I do remember the second, in which he bragged about kissing not one but TWO country schoolgirls on a six-hour bus trip from his Australian outback town “Dubbo” to the city.

For the previous two years I had been becoming more and more aware of what some call the “God-shaped hole” in my soul.